June Daily: 7, 8

June 7th was a busy day for us not really I cannot even remember what we did on Tuesday. We watched paint dry on the garage floor... That night Jon and I had Buffalo Chicken Burgers for dinner. They were quite tasty but I do not think that I like ground chicken the texture was different. 

Later that night Jon and I decided to have a fire. It was nice and relaxing. We even had one of our friends come over to join us. 

Since it was so hot out I gave the boys some ice water... They love ice and made a mess with all the water. 

On June 8th Jon and I prepped the other side of the garage to get it ready for painting. Nothing was working for us... For dinner we had Cheesy Meatball Subs. After dinner we went fishing and I was still not in my game... I only caught 1 fish. 

Late last night a storm rolled in. It was so bad that it started to hail. I was freaking out like normal since my car was outside and it was hailing. I cannot believe how much it rained last night.