August 22, 2011

August Daily: 14th - 20th

We had an eventful day on Sunday since we stayed at our friends house the night before. We went to Bass Pro Shop to look around with our friends. At the Bass Pro Shop you could go in all the boats that they had on display. It was neat to see what Jon and I would like to get and actually get to be in the boat versus the Bass Pro Shop by us you can only go into the pontoon boats. Later we went to his mom's house for an early dinner and to celebrate his sister's birthday. It was a blast hanging out with everyone that day. His mom's neighbor had this bird nest at their front door. They had a piece of cardboard on the ground to collect the bird poop. Gross! I think that they need to get rid of it.
Later that night we all headed to the pond to it check out. The pond really smelled bad from the weeds in the water. Everyone went to look for frogs. Not sure if they found any since I stayed back because of my foot. It was too far of a walk for me. 

I ended up making some croutons this week since I ran out of them. I was so disappointed when we had salad for dinner. When Jon and I went to the grocery store this week I found this Garlic Parmesan French Bread that was on the "Oops we made to Much" rack at Wal-Mart. I think this was the best batch yet that I have made. I need to save some for Michelle and my Mom since they LOVE them. 

One night since we had not gone to the store yet we had pancakes with scrambled eggs. I was not sure if Jon would like it since he is not an egg person. He ended up putting ketchup on the eggs and he said that it was better with that. I laughed when he told me that. I was happy that he liked it at least. The next day he had asked if we were going to have pancakes again for dinner. 

For another night we ended up having scrambled eggs in a breakfast burrito. I had pulled out some ground breakfast sausage from our pig that we got a while back. There was so much left overs that Jon was able to have a couple of breakfasts from it. Which was a good thing since we hardly have any breakfast anymore for some reason. I never get hungry until maybe 11:00am. I know its bad but I am just not hungry. I love making homemade pizza. Jon has always been better at rolling out the dough than me so that has been his job recently. This time the crust was perfect nice and crispy. 

I finally started to work on the second bedroom closet. I have been putting this off for so long. I ended up finishing it but there is still a lot of things that do not have a home. I sent Jon a photo showing him what I was doing and he thought that I was crazy. We had way too much in there. Now there is hardly anything in there and I emptied out 3 big bins of stuff. That felt good to put empty bins back in the closet. 

 We ended up hanging out with our friends this week. It was a blast! We had so much fun with them. We ended up camping on his parents property. We went four wheeling and shot some guns. It was a great time. I was shocked that the time did not fly by. It was almost like time stood still when we were with them. Four wheeling was fun. This was the second or third time for me so I was still not too sure of my self but I got the hang of it. 

While four wheeling we went through some standing water. Jon was not too happy with me since I brought the goos camera with us on the trip. He wanted to get soaked. Sorry honey... Christina took me down this steep hill with the four wheeler and I guess I creeped up to the edge and once I started to go down I starting screaming her name. The boys laughed at me. We saw some strange spiders out there. They are called Banana Spiders. There were about 8-10 of them all along the stream. It was creepy! 

I found this weed on the side yard flower bed. I saw it a couple of weeks ago but I did nothing. Then I told Jon that we needed to pull it and he told me that we needed to wait until it rained since it helps. I could not believe how tall this weed was. Our neighbor kids wanted to take it home and plant it in there yard. It was cute. Well it was been a great week. Hope everyone had a great week as well. What exciting things happened to you this week? Till next week!

August 15, 2011

August Daily: 9th - 13th

Why Hello! I have been gone for awhile but I'm back. I started to think that I needed to try something different with my blog so I wanted to post once I week and share what Jon and I have been up to during that week's post.
On Tuesday night we head up North for a surprise Birthday Party for Jon's sister. It was a great night hanging out with family and friends. Jon’s sister was surprised which was a good thing. We thought that we were going to be late to the party but we actually were a half hour early. So we hung out at the Tavern waiting to go in. Later that night Jenna said that she sort of knew something was going on for her birthday. It was funny when she walked in and did not know what to think. Her friend from 2 hours away even showed up to partake in the celebration.While heading up north I started taking a ton of photos. I need to really be committed to this. I take a lot of photos but I need to push myself and have the camera and I become one. It might take a while but I will get there. I can already see a difference in my photography with my food photography. I wish that my foot was better so Jon and the boys and I could go on hikes. But must wait until it heals all the way. Jon ended up getting a band saw for their company last night. I could not believe that they only bought it for 100! What a great find. Jon ended up trying it out last night at 11pm. I headed up stairs to go to bed since I was so exhausted from the day.
On Wednesday the temperature outside in only 68 degrees. I cannot wait to have the windows and doors open having the fresh air in the house. Fall is my favorite time of year. Sometimes I wish that it could be fall all year long. This whole week is suppose to be nice and cool. I think that it is time to turn the A/C off now. Since it is probably will be cooler outside then the house.
Wednesday I worked in the backyard pulling weeds and trimming our rose bushes. Things have really been overgrown back there since I have not been able to do much with this broken foot. My whole yard front and back has been neglected for this whole year. Which I am sad since I cannot ask my Dad anymore what to do with it anymore. I have to just remember everything that he told me and what I had watched when a little girl helping in the yard. I think that is another reason that I have had no motivation to work on my yard. I not regret that I did not keep up with it but I think our yard understands. I hope.
We had Fettuccine Alfredo with homemade garlic bread and a side salad for dinner. It was really filling. Jon cut the lawn tonight since now that it has rained so much our grass is growing out of control. But at least we have a green lawn again. There are a few brown spots in the lawn but hopefully by the end of the season they will be gone. I cannot wait to get my hands dirty and in the soil again. It has been too long. I started to price out how much it would be to get top soil. I never knew it was so cheap. I figured like everything else sold a home improvement store that it would be $3-$5 per bag. But I was wrong. Yeah since I have a ton of bags to buy. We mostly have clay in the backyard; well our whole yard. You dig maybe about 2-3ft and then you see clay. Some plants take very well to it but others do not. Jon and I are lucky when they built our home we got a ton of top soil compared to other homes in the neighborhood. I have a million things that I need to get done this week. I have no clue where to begin. I better start my list soon otherwise this whole week will be gone before I know it! 
 I always check my emails to see what kind of day I will be having. I noticed that I had sent an email to my work email which I do not remember doing. I found out later that my email account got hacked into and sent out junk emails to everyone in my address book. Not a happy camper right now. I ended up having to close that account just to be on the safe side. I really never use that email account expect for things that I need to sign up for. So I closed it. My mom ended up emailing me back asking if I really sent it. I told her no. I guess it was a Viagra email that I sent. Kind of funny. I think Jon had the same thing when his got his email account hacked into. I pulled more weeds while talking to my mom on the phone last night. I even trimmed the bushes around the patio. I think that today I will be finishing up the beds around the patio and turn the dirt and put Preen down for the weeds. Hopefully that will work… We need topsoil and mulch badly. For the last 2 years my Dad has always given Jon and I mulch but since he passed earlier this year you never realize what you had taken for granted. I always say a maintained lawn and flower beds since I was younger. Then when Jon and I moved into our house it was kept that way too because of my Dad. This year has been different. I feel like I cannot keep up with the yard and things are just popping up all around me. I need to tackle the yard and make my Dad proud. It’s not an easy tasked but it will get done hopefully. Little by little.
 I ended up making chicken kabobs with grilled potatoes, pasta salad, and a side salad. I did make our green beans that I had frozen early last month and realized that I forgot to cook them first. They were soggy after they defrosted. Lesson learned. Hopefully I can get more out of the garden before the end of the year. Jon and I had a bond fire last night. It was so peaceful except for the bugs. I played around with my camera the whole night trying to master the manual part of the camera. So far I am doing ok. I have to learn more and take more photos at different setting just to make sure I get the correct exposure. So far it has been nice just playing around and not having to worry about posting something on my blog each night. I think that I need to start adjusting my photos now since I took so many. So far I think that I have taken over 500 photos. Not bad.  
It is finally Friday! Actually the week flew by. Not sure if that is a good thing since the weekend will just go as quickly. Jon and I have a busy weekend. Depending on how the weather is we might go and see our friend race at a dirt track or see our friends that just got back from their honeymoon. 
I ended up cutting the rose brushes and the burning bushes. The bugs were too much for me in the backyard that I had to stop. Jon came home to shoot his bow again. He is really getting good at it. For dinner we had pork chops with baked beans and some of the leftover pasta salad from the other day. 
I found this plant that is growing in our patio. I have this plant in a teapot on the patio table. I think that some pollen or seeds must have flown over there and it seeded itself. I kept it there since it looks kinda of neat. 
On Saturday I was a busy bee cleaning the house. I was getting tried of looking at the panty and how much stuff was in there so ended up cleaning the whole thing. I could not believe how much stuff I actually had packed in there. Way too many things that did not even belong in there. So here is the before and after shot of what the pantry looks like. Shooter and Hank were such a help they sniffed everything that I brought out of the panty. Too cute!
I also went through the freezer and fridge. I had so many things that had expired in the fridge which now grosses me out. Most of it I did not really use. I did laundry and cleaned up around the house. later that night we where going to our friends house to spend the night since our one friend was not racing. It was a busy day but I was happy that I got so much done and ended the day with great friends.  
Well that is my week in a post. Now to start on the this week. I hope I can keep up with this new challenge of mine. I still cannot believe that for 8 months I did do a post everyday! I think that this has kept me busy in the house and yard which is a good thing! I can finally check things off my to do list. Hope everyone had a great week as Jon and I did. Till next week! 

August 8, 2011

August Daily: 8

Monday was a nice day. Went to work and it flew by. Later this afternoon the skies opened up and started  to rain. It was good since I have not had a chance to water the veggie garden in a while. I came home to down pour but by the time I pulled into the driveway the rain had stopped. Just in time.

 I wanted to take a photo of the backyard before I called my mom. I just notice while looking through my photos of which ones to put up on my blog that I found this one of the boys in the backyard. They must have snuck by while shooting. Silly boys!

I have started on this photo wall project. So far it is coming along nicely. Thanks to the help of Michelle who is printing my photos for me. Thank you! I found these great monograms from Hobby Lobby. I had to have them. I think that this wall should be down in a couple weeks. I cannot wait to see the out come. Now all I need to do is find more monograms to put on the wall. 

Jon ended up getting off early tonight. He is working all week again but it is always nice at the end of the week when payday comes. We had homemade pizza. We used our green pepper from our garden. I have also learned about what is in shredded cheese, so I am now buying bricks of cheese and shredding it myself. It actually made the pizza better while fresh grated cheese. What was I thinking all this time. Grated cheese is so much better. 

Jon is in the garage welding the frame while the boys and I are inside watching Hoarder's. Today I was reading a blog and the inspiration got me thinking of making our life simple. We have too many things that we do not use or need. I think that Hoarder's is also playing its part but I have a full closet in our second bedroom that I have gone through maybe twice since we moved in here three years ago. If I have not used anything in there I think that it needs to go. Just a thought. Maybe I will change my mind tomorrow but I think that we really need to go through all of our things and either donate it or throw it in the trash. I think that is one of my goals for this year. Well going to check up on Jon in the garage.  Happy Monday!

August Daily: 7

Sunday was a busy day. Dan and Jon worked on the bike all day. I ended up cleaning the whole house. We needed to dust our room really bad. So I ended up cleaning the whole room. I could not believe how long I let it go. I need to keep on top of that. Our lawn has finally come back! I am so excited that our lawn in full and green again. 

Jon and Dan were really busy all day in the garage. I could not believe the out come of the bike once they were finished. When they work together it is harmonious. I kept coming out to check on them and realized all the metal shavings that were on the floor. The floor was black. I kept thinking that maybe I should have not cleaning the downstairs until they were finished. But they took their shoes off every time they came in. 

 I found one of Hank's tennis balls up stairs in the bedroom. He was playing with it the whole day. Running around chasing it. It was so cute. While making dinner I noticed that he must have thought it was dirty or something since it was in the water bowl. Silly puppy! 

We had BLT's for dinner. It was yummy! this time we used sandwich bread instead of french bread. I think I like it better than the french bread. It was a long and exhausting day. My heels hurt from walking so much cleaning the house but I was happy to relax with hubby and the boys on the couch. Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

August 7, 2011

August Daily: 6

Saturday was a busy day for me. My mom came down and went grocery shopping and looking for furniture with me. I ended up finding a end table to hold our cable box in our bedroom. It looks really nice. Jon's brother and girlfriend headed down to see us. Jon and Dan started to work on their newest project. They got lot done last night. 

August Daily: 5

On Friday our neighbor's son came over with his mom. We ended up getting to see his NEW shoes that were LEGO's. They were so cute. I wish that I had them when I was younger. While taking photos of him I bent down to take the photo and then I heard my foot crack. Not sure what actually cracked but I thought the worst. That I had re-broke my foot again. I ended up putting my brace back on since I was scared that I did some really damage. What a great way to start the weekend. 

August 4, 2011

August Daily: 4

I went back to the doctor today and my foot is healing nicely. I can't go and run a marathon right away but I can slowly by surly move towards walking to dogs in a month. The doctor said that it could still be tender up to a whole year. I hope not. I came home to find Jon in the garage with all the bikes out in the driveway. I was unsure if I was able to fit in the driveway but I was able to.  Jon went to the DMV to transfer the boat trailer title over to our names. Jon ended up making Quesadillas for dinner. They were filling. Now watching LA Ink on TLC. Time to spend time with hubby and the boys!

August 3, 2011

August Daily: 3

Last night we had a thunderstorm roll through. Jon, the boys and I were in bed when it started. I ended up waking up Jon to head out to the garage to watch the storm. Just like my Dad always did. I wanted to capture the lightning so I ended up taking like 400 photos which only 4 were actually showed the lightning. This was one of the better ones. I hope I can figure out how to take photos of lightning soon since we have great shows. Shooter and Hank were freaked out so we locked them in the bathroom thinking that since they would not see the lightning they would be better but that was a bad idea. When we let them out there was a puddle by the door of drool. Poor puppies!

Jon texted me after work asking if we could make his mom's Philly Cheesesteaks. The whole house smells like them. They were really really good. Good thinking Jon. Now hanging out in the garage with our neighbor. 

August 2, 2011

August Daily: 2

Well today was a hot one again. I was worried since we thought a big storm was coming in. I was happy to find out that the storm did not come through. I did come home to find our canopy falling off our pergola. Our backyard is coming around slowly. I cannot wait until it is finished. 

I ened up making Weeknight Taco Salad tonight for dinner. It was really really good! I got some cherry tomatoes from a co-worker at work. Jon had real taco shells but I wanted to try this. I had made this before but my lettuce spoiled before I could make this again. Right now the boys are chasing a fly that we have in the house. Hank is running around trying to catch it right now. He is running into walls since he is not paying attention. Jon and I are watching Couples Retreat on TV. It's a pretty funny movie. 

August 1, 2011

August Daily: 1

Today was a busy day at work. I came home to seeing a bunny in the front yard. I got the boys ALL excited when they went out. It was cute. We ended up having chicken with stuffing. it was a mess so I took this photo instead of my salad. Home grown tomatoes from the garden. They were pretty good. Jon did not want to taste them again since he had one when it was not quite ripe. I also have home made croutons in my salad as well. It was yummy! Tomorrow is Taco Tuesday! Well for Jon at least. I will be having taco salad instead. Well off to work on Big Poz Custom website.