August Daily: 2

Well today was a hot one again. I was worried since we thought a big storm was coming in. I was happy to find out that the storm did not come through. I did come home to find our canopy falling off our pergola. Our backyard is coming around slowly. I cannot wait until it is finished. 

I ened up making Weeknight Taco Salad tonight for dinner. It was really really good! I got some cherry tomatoes from a co-worker at work. Jon had real taco shells but I wanted to try this. I had made this before but my lettuce spoiled before I could make this again. Right now the boys are chasing a fly that we have in the house. Hank is running around trying to catch it right now. He is running into walls since he is not paying attention. Jon and I are watching Couples Retreat on TV. It's a pretty funny movie.