August Daily: 8

Monday was a nice day. Went to work and it flew by. Later this afternoon the skies opened up and started  to rain. It was good since I have not had a chance to water the veggie garden in a while. I came home to down pour but by the time I pulled into the driveway the rain had stopped. Just in time.

 I wanted to take a photo of the backyard before I called my mom. I just notice while looking through my photos of which ones to put up on my blog that I found this one of the boys in the backyard. They must have snuck by while shooting. Silly boys!

I have started on this photo wall project. So far it is coming along nicely. Thanks to the help of Michelle who is printing my photos for me. Thank you! I found these great monograms from Hobby Lobby. I had to have them. I think that this wall should be down in a couple weeks. I cannot wait to see the out come. Now all I need to do is find more monograms to put on the wall. 

Jon ended up getting off early tonight. He is working all week again but it is always nice at the end of the week when payday comes. We had homemade pizza. We used our green pepper from our garden. I have also learned about what is in shredded cheese, so I am now buying bricks of cheese and shredding it myself. It actually made the pizza better while fresh grated cheese. What was I thinking all this time. Grated cheese is so much better. 

Jon is in the garage welding the frame while the boys and I are inside watching Hoarder's. Today I was reading a blog and the inspiration got me thinking of making our life simple. We have too many things that we do not use or need. I think that Hoarder's is also playing its part but I have a full closet in our second bedroom that I have gone through maybe twice since we moved in here three years ago. If I have not used anything in there I think that it needs to go. Just a thought. Maybe I will change my mind tomorrow but I think that we really need to go through all of our things and either donate it or throw it in the trash. I think that is one of my goals for this year. Well going to check up on Jon in the garage.  Happy Monday!