Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day weekend! Jon finished the boat on time. I still cannot believe that this is our boat. It looks like a brand new boat. I cannot wait to get on it this weekend! Just hope that the boys like it and do not ruin it. 
While headed to Yorkville I took some photos of all the farm land that is 15 minutes away from Jon  and I. I love living in the country. It is just so peaceful. 
We went to a pig roast in Yorkville this weekend. This is my first pig roast ever. It was really really good! They had tractor rides which Jon and I par took in. I love the country. I wish that Jon, the boys and I could find somewhere like that to live. I love the simple life. 
Christina and Jeff came out as well. (They were the ones who invited us.) They worked on their boat a a little to make sure everything was good for the next day. We lit lanterns that they were suppose to have at their wedding but could not do it where they had the reception. It was neat to see then take off. The kids loved it. 
We went fishing early on Sunday. This was the first time that I have been out on our boat all year. It was a blast. The boys and I were really impressed with Jon's work. It was a good birthday for Hank to be on the boat. I cannot believe that he is three already! I think that he enjoyed the boat more than Jon and I did. 
It was a great weekend spending time with hubby and great friends. I could not ask for more! Hope everyone had a great weekend. What fun activities did you par take in this weekend? Time to spend more time with hubby and the boys. Till next week!