October 30, 2011

A Shot and A Miss

Sunday was a gorgeous day. Just cool/warm enough to have the doors open to let the breeze in. I worked in the kitchen again ALL day. I ended up making more egg muffins, (They are really called mini frattatas) hummus and croutons. I cleaned up the house a little but Hank and Shooter decided to take out all their toys and have them all over the living. Oh well at least it was clean for about five minutes. Last week Jon was helping me with the studio lights that I am using and I think we figured out that we should get another one to put on the other side since it has some shadows that it is casting. I think that I am being picky but I want my photos to look great. Wait not great AMAZING. LOL! Jon went hunting at the farm again. He saw a deer, Shot and missed. Well that is not really the story but I will spare everyone. On to a lighter subject. Shooter is doing much better. He still cannot jump up on the couch or bed but he is able to go up and down the stairs which it good. I still cannot believe that he likes those pills. They smell horrible. 

A few weeks ago I found a great chore list that you basically take a half hour a day and clean a room. Well did start that but now I have falling off the wheel again. I feel like this is a common tread of a sudden. I am going to start again this week. Then that will give me more time to cook and take photos. Great idea! Here is the chore list that I was using, its from Amy Gregson's Blog. Check it out. You can even make your own since she has a blank one. Let me know how you like it and if it was helpful. I looked back on my photos that I have been posting each week and for two weeks in a row I have posted some of the same things. Oh well. I guess I must really like making those recipes or something. At least the photos somewhat look different.

On Tuesday we received our new Air Pump for our sleep number bed. For the past couple of years we did not know what "our number" was. I was fine with it but Jon ordered a new one so that we can have it wireless controller and then if that breaks again then all we have to do is replace that controller not the whole thing. Jon replaced the old pump with the new one. We were quite busy Tuesday night for some reason. I had dinner cooking, washing clothes, and Jon working on the bed. Oh and Jon ended up cleaning out his closet so I wanted to join in and I cleaned mine as well. It was getting pretty messy again! We got a lot accomplish that night. Now I just need to keep up with that.

It was a rainy and cold day on Wednesday. It seemed to get colder and colder as the day went on. I was so busy at work that I feel like the day flew by. On my way home from work I stopped at the store to get some caramels, sticks and a few other things. I got all the ingredients to make caramel apples which I am super excited about. Jon and I normally always crave pumpkins but I feel like it is too late to crave them. So we will make apples instead. After dinner we went out to the garage to start cleaning and getting the boat ready for storage. This year we are storing it at Jon's Uncle's house. Hopefully in spring we will not have a ton of water in the boat like we did this year. After Jon finished getting the tarp and boat cover on it he realized that the boat cover did not fit anymore since we put in a wooden structure. So he has to re-do it all over again on his day off on Thursday. Poor guy! I felt so bad that he has to re-do it.

On Jon's day off he was busy getting the boat re-covered again. Since the cover did not fit like I said earlier. So Jon ended up buying a new tarp and string again and covered the boat. He ended up doing everything at his Uncle's house which was a good idea since his uncle is a half hour away and we go on the highway. So the boat is nice and ready for the winter. YEAH! The garage actually looked even smaller when I got home form work. I could not believe it. The boat is gone and there is more room in there but that was not the case. Jon and I looked around and said to each other that we have way too much stuff in the garage. Friday is the big day of when the car goes into the garage. We are having a couple of friends over to help us get it off the trailer. Jon wanted to clean up the floor on the car since there was leave, rust etc in the car. So he said that he ended up throwing away about one garage bag full of stuff that came out of the car. There was also a ton of cat poop in the car as well. Gross. I guess it made a good home and potty for animals.
Friday was a busy day for me I had to get everything set in the system for when Monday comes for a new girl to take over. I am moving to another category to take over. The day flew by. Which I wish it did not since I had so much to do. I ended up taking m computer home to work on it some more so everything will be perfect for Monday. Jon ended up getting off 2 hours early so he was busy at home getting things ready to the big move later that night. He also finally cut the grass in backyard. I guess is was too log to bag so Jon just mulched it. Well at least the backyard looks nice again. People came over around 7 to help us move the car. I guess they thought that it was going to be a lot harder than it really was. It was kind of funny. there was about five-six people helping roll it down the trailer into the garage and it took about 5 minutes. Everyone was so funny afterwards since they were all shocked that it did not take longer. We all hung out in the garage for awhile. 

On Saturday I did not want to do anything. I just wanted to sit around the house and do nothing. But I did get out in the yard and started to clean up. I pulled out all of our veggie plants. I could not believe all the carrots and green peppers that we harvested this year. I am very proud of Jon and I with this years garden, We did a great job! Yeah Us! I ended up being on the internet finding other websites/blogs that I could follow. Later that night when Jon got off work we headed up to his Uncle's House to have dinner with them. it was great seeing them. I hope everyone had a great week. Did you do anything fun this week? Till next week...

*Recipes This Week*
-Homemade Croutons
-Homemade Pizza

October 18, 2011

Colder Weather is Upon Us...

Colder weather started this week. I cannot believe that the temps dropped to the 40’s. Jon was busy hunting on Sunday. I was a busy bee in the kitchen making french bread and egg frittatas. I was really exhausted by the time Jon got home. He was out at the farm all day and did not come home until around 8pm. He was telling me that he saw a deer. He had so much energy that I think he was wearing me out even more. I was happy that he finally saw something. 

I was doing well by writing each day what Jon and I did. This week not so well. I am now sitting here trying to figure out what happened this week and I am coming to a blank. What did happen this week? I really need to start it up again to help me for later on in the week. Jon has been busy working in the garage to finish the bike.
I am not really for winter to be here yet. The sun it setting around 6:30-7 now and it is getting harder and harder to take my food photography. Jon has been a big help trying to help me with the “studio lights” to get them right. Actually last week someone commented and wanted to see what my studio actually looked like. So here it is. Not much but it gets the job done I think. The bed is in the way that we have in there so I might again rearrange the room so that if people stay over I do not have to take down my whole studio. I need to get back to GoodWill and find some more items that I can use for my photos but I have just been lazy lately. 
On 10.18 Jon and I celebrated our 9th year of being together. I cannot believe that time has flown by that quickly. We did not do anything special like normal but that is ok. I never really expect to have gifts or even going out to dinner. I like just spending time with my hubby and boys. That is all that matters to me. 
So last week I finally bought a mandolin slicer. I was so excited to use it. I ended up using it to make french fries. Wow were they good. Only bad thing it that I baked them instead of fried them. I was trying to be more healthy about it but there is noting like a fried french fry. So if I ever make french fries again and I know I will but I will fry them... It was been very gloomy and rainy the last couple of days. I wish the rain would stop. Oh and the wind. It is too much. 

On Saturday Shooter was jumping off the bed to go outside and he started to cry. We have known for awhile that he has arthritis but it seems to get worse and worse each winter. So I started to freak out and then remember that the vet had given us a some suggestions on what we should give him. I ended up going to the store and getting some joint pills for him. The pills are so big I was afraid that he would not eat them but Shooter is a trooper and gobbled them up. We shall see if they help him. I know it will not get rid of it but at least it will maintain it. 
And last but not least the last photo is “Our” new project. We ended up buying this seal of a 1930-31 Ford Sedan. This will be a very very long project but Jon and I are super excited to start it. It will be great once it is done. I hope everyone had a great week like Jon and I did. What did you do this week? Till next week...

*Recipes This Week*

October 16, 2011

Flea Market Finds and A Birthday Week

On 10.10  I will be turning 28. Yeah! Jon, the boys and I went up north to see our families. My mom and I had a BIG day ahead of us since we were going to the Lake County Fairgrounds to walk around a flea market. I found some neat stuff. I got an old lantern for $12. I saw a couple of them that were cheaper but this one was really nice so I felt like it was a good deal. I wish that we had gone earlier than we did since I feel like we were only able to go through half of the flea market. We had a whole other side that we did not make it to. So my mom and I plan to go next time earlier. Jon went to take out the bike that they are selling to some biker bars. He had some people interested in it but no takers. Sad face. I hope they can sell it before the end of the riding year. It is coming up fast…

My mom and I also went to a Goodwill by her house. I think I will never go to Goodwill on a Sunday. Way too busy for me and I felt like I was in the way of others looking at things. I could have missed some good stuff… I did happen to find this old crate that had a cut out of a star.

Jon had to cut down a tree limb that my mom had that was hanging too low in the front of the house. We ended up getting some firewood from the tree limb as well. I took some dead branches that I liked to put in my pail that I have on the shelf as well. We went out to dinner with my Mom to Chili’s. My favorite place to eat… only problem was that I think that my mom and I who shared the Fajitas got moldy cheese…. So I ate around it and it was ok. I did not get sick so that is a plus.

It’s my BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday to myself. I went to work to find my cube all decorated for the celebration. The day went by really, really fast so that was a good thing. After work Jon and I headed to Chicago to support our friends since her grandma just pasted away last week. She ended up giving us the wrong street address and ended up going through some interesting neighborhoods… I had to make sure that my doors were locked at all times. We ended up getting home around 10:30 and I was so exhausted I went to bed. Not sure why I was so tired but I guess I needed my beauty rest.

Jon and I are trying to figure out what to do for a birthday dinner (which all I want is for Jon to cook a meal this week.) Not too much that I am asking for. Jon has to work all week and will probably only have Sunday off so it is a little hard to have him cook on the weekdays unless he has his day off, then I ask him to make dinner that day. I use to have him pick out what he wanted to make but now I just choose for him since I am already at the grocery store and can just pick up the ingredients then.

This morning Jon and I did not want to get up. Seems like we super exhausted from last night. I have been getting so many comments recently on blog. It feels really good. It is like I am finally getting out there. People have the sweetest comments that they are leaving. I have been trying every night to go back and email each person that leaves me a comment and then I go and check out their blog.

I am once again thinking about changing the layout of my blog. I cannot seem to get it right. I seems to be changing it more and more since I started visiting other blogs. I see something that I would want to put on mine and then it just spins out of control. So here I am again thinking of how I can change my blog. I was thinking maybe have a side bar again. I guess I will have to play around with it this week.

Last night I played around with my table top studio. I was able to get in some natural light photos but I ended up having to making dinner so I did not have much time to get the right lighting but when I looked at them on the computer I was pretty impressed with myself. I actually said out loud “I took that?” It was funny. Jon was busy in the garage and I went back up stairs after dinner and made a plate so that I could photograph it. I think that is what I should do either take the photo before or after dinner. I know before is probably the best but I will see how it goes. I took out some fabric that I was going to use to make a quilt and use as the “table cloth” for the photo. 

I could not believe how BRIGHT the lights that I am using. I felt like I was blinded. I know they are not the correct lights to be using but I have no other option. They were free. I guess I will just have to get really good at photoshop with adjusting them. Hehe. I think I will manage. I have been playing around with my blog and still not sure about it. What do you think? Should I change or add something? I need to also work on the other pages that I have on this site. I have been so worried about the first page that the others have been neglected. Time to work on those as well. To many things on my To-Do list. Another thing I need to do is work on my photography website.
Jon got off work a little later than normal last night which was fine since we were headed to our neighbors house for Jon to help him out with their car since there were some problems with it. They made us homemade sliders with French Fries. They actually tasted like White Castle’s hamburgers. Not that I have ever eaten there but that is what Jon said they tasted like. The girls were inside painting our nails while the boys worked in the garage on the car. I finally took off my skull and cross-bone nail polish that I had on for a week. I brought over some nail polish from work and it was the new line of Kardashin colors that are coming out later this year and painted my nails that color. 

There was a update for the iphone and I was so excited to get that going I did not realize that it would take about six hours to update my phone. I could not believe it. Finally around 11pm it was finished. Crazy! There are some pretty cool features on it but I was a little disappointed that it does not have the Siri on it. I thought for sure that I would get it but it must only be on 4s phones… I think tonight I will have to play around with the phone a little more while I am updating my photography website. Too much to do in such little time. I cannot wait until the weekend. I think that I will busy playing with my websites and my new photo studio. Should be fun!

I came home to find Jon home from work early. He ended up having a half day on Thursday. He was busy working on the motorcycle. Since it had rained earlier in the day after getting off the phone with my mom I ran, got my camera and went outside to take photos. I love how plants have water droplets on them after a good rain. We were suppose to have French Dip Sandwiches for dinner but it was not thawed out completely so we ended up having blueberry waffles and eggs. Not bad; it’s a easy meal. 

I worked on my blog and adjust photos for my next post. I also started working on my photo blog. I think that I am going to try and schedule some posts to post every day. We shall see how that works since I have always hit the publish button once I was finished with a post. My wrists have been hurting with the cooler weather coming and plus I work on a computer ALL day and then I come home to work on the computer too. My poor wrists.

Earlier on Saturday I was crazy busy working around the house, cleaning and working on my blogs. Jon's Uncle wanted me to make homemade chocolate chip cookies for them and the farmer's wife where they go hunting. For some reason I can make french bread but for the life of me I cannot get the hang of making cookies. I think it is kind of funny. I talked to my mom for about an hour and a half helping her get her Facebook Page up and running again. While talking to her I asked if she responded to every single comment that someone has made on her blog. She said yes. Then later in our conversation I found out that some emails that I had sent back to thank everyone for the lovely comments that some were No-Reply emails. I felt horrible. Everyone took the time to write sweet comments on my blog and here I thought I was returning with an email to bloggers and some never got my emails. So if you have come back this week to check my blog out again Thank you so much for the sweet and lovely comments that you left me last week. (I hope this makes sense on what I just explained...) 

Later that night we ended up having dinner with family to celebrate my birthday at California Pizza Kitchen. Jon and I ended up having a salad and sharing a pizza. I so full from dinner. we ended up going to our neighbors house once we got back to hang out for a little bit before we had to go home. Jon will be hunting tomorrow with his Uncle. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will get something. I will have a big day on Sunday cooking and finishing cleaning. Yeah! I hope everyone had a great week. What exciting activities did you do? Till next week...

*Recipes This Week*
-Blueberry Waffles
-Crispy Chicken with Roasted Potatoes