October 18, 2011

Colder Weather is Upon Us...

Colder weather started this week. I cannot believe that the temps dropped to the 40’s. Jon was busy hunting on Sunday. I was a busy bee in the kitchen making french bread and egg frittatas. I was really exhausted by the time Jon got home. He was out at the farm all day and did not come home until around 8pm. He was telling me that he saw a deer. He had so much energy that I think he was wearing me out even more. I was happy that he finally saw something. 

I was doing well by writing each day what Jon and I did. This week not so well. I am now sitting here trying to figure out what happened this week and I am coming to a blank. What did happen this week? I really need to start it up again to help me for later on in the week. Jon has been busy working in the garage to finish the bike.
I am not really for winter to be here yet. The sun it setting around 6:30-7 now and it is getting harder and harder to take my food photography. Jon has been a big help trying to help me with the “studio lights” to get them right. Actually last week someone commented and wanted to see what my studio actually looked like. So here it is. Not much but it gets the job done I think. The bed is in the way that we have in there so I might again rearrange the room so that if people stay over I do not have to take down my whole studio. I need to get back to GoodWill and find some more items that I can use for my photos but I have just been lazy lately. 
On 10.18 Jon and I celebrated our 9th year of being together. I cannot believe that time has flown by that quickly. We did not do anything special like normal but that is ok. I never really expect to have gifts or even going out to dinner. I like just spending time with my hubby and boys. That is all that matters to me. 
So last week I finally bought a mandolin slicer. I was so excited to use it. I ended up using it to make french fries. Wow were they good. Only bad thing it that I baked them instead of fried them. I was trying to be more healthy about it but there is noting like a fried french fry. So if I ever make french fries again and I know I will but I will fry them... It was been very gloomy and rainy the last couple of days. I wish the rain would stop. Oh and the wind. It is too much. 

On Saturday Shooter was jumping off the bed to go outside and he started to cry. We have known for awhile that he has arthritis but it seems to get worse and worse each winter. So I started to freak out and then remember that the vet had given us a some suggestions on what we should give him. I ended up going to the store and getting some joint pills for him. The pills are so big I was afraid that he would not eat them but Shooter is a trooper and gobbled them up. We shall see if they help him. I know it will not get rid of it but at least it will maintain it. 
And last but not least the last photo is “Our” new project. We ended up buying this seal of a 1930-31 Ford Sedan. This will be a very very long project but Jon and I are super excited to start it. It will be great once it is done. I hope everyone had a great week like Jon and I did. What did you do this week? Till next week...

*Recipes This Week*