October 9, 2011

I Love Baking

Sunday was a busy day for me. Well not really. I had to keep myself busy while Jon was off at the farm hunting. It was weird not to have him around. It almost felt like a Saturday since he was gone all day. I kept thinking that he was a work... I did a lot of baking on Sunday. Well actually the whole weekend. I made Homemade French Bread. I love the way the house smells when bread is baking. I think that I will have to make a double batch next time and just freeze the dough so that I have it on backup. I love how butter just melted so quickly on the bread straight from the oven. It was so yummy. 
I think the last time that I made bread was a couple months ago or maybe longer. I went to go and find the recipe that I use to use and at first I could not find it on The Food Network Website. It was a recipe from Emeril. I think that I found out that he was not on this channel anymore. I could be wrong but I looked under chef recipes and his name was not there. Maybe I overlooked his name but I could have sworn that I did not see it. Luckily I finally found it when typing in his name on Google. YEAH! I am saved... I ended up emailing the recipe to myself just so that I have it for when I need to go back and find it again.

I was also busy making this sign for Jon and I. Well it took me almost all day to figure out how I was going to transfer the words onto the wood. I had done a couple tests but they kept coming up not the way I wanted. So I finally figured out what I could do so hopefully I did this right cause then I will have to start all over again. Jon asked what I was doing with this piece of wood. I keep telling him we will see. Crossing my fingers that this actually turns out. Otherwise I need a Plan B. 
I was actually getting bored around 6-6:30 last night. Jon was headed home but I was already exhausted from running around baking and crafting. I then decided that I had a taste for something baked with blueberries. Not sure why I wanted to bake more but I did. I kept asking Jon when he would be home so that I could start dinner. Then to find out that he was not even hungry. Perfect time to make a cobbler. So at 7pm I made a cobbler. It was so yummy. I think that was a great idea...
My poor poor sign. I thought that I had this down and it would be so easy to get these letters to transfer onto the wood. Well it did not happen that way at all. I started to pour water on the paper and rub off the paper to see that the ink had transfer correctly on "Into" word but then as I moved "the" word I had completely rub away the "e". So I gave up and I am trying to figure out another way to accomplish this look. Man I was so disappointed. I got a cute text from my neighbor who has a six year old who Jon and I have babysat in the past. The text said " Madison- I want to wash the dishes like I do with Aunt Natalie." I thought it was the cutest thing. We were watching her one day and she wanted to help me make dinner etc so once we were finished I let her wash the dishes. It was a cute. I did not know that just washing dishes would start a new thing.

I was trying to write each day after I uploaded my photos that I adjusted. Well it did not happen. I slipped and now it is the end of the week and I have to try and figure out what I was thinking those days. I have been talking with Jon lately about how the days are growing shorter and not having enough day light to take my photos. I am so use to using natural light that by the time that I finish our dinner there is no light left. So I think that we will be making a mini studio in our second bedroom. Yeah for me. No more having a little TV stand near the window or having to go outside to use my shabby chic table. I am moving up in the world.
I keep finding more and more blogs that I love that have food photography. I sometimes get jealous of their work since mine does not look too professional but Jon reassures me that they are perfect and sometimes even better. I think that this weekend I will be heading back to Goodwill to find some props to use in my photography. I am really excited to see what happens if my photos become stronger. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully tonight we will go to Home Depot so I can pick up some wood to make a table for my studio.

On Saturday I went again to the Goodwill store. I found these stars and framed fabric piece and this pottery this week. I really enjoy going there since they have new stuff every weekend. I was busy getting ready for people to come over for a bond fire. It was nice to have the neighbors and some of our friends come over to help me celebrate my up coming birthday. (It's really on 10-10 my birthday.) I am starting to gather some items for props for once I get my studio up and running. Jon reminded me that my mom has some shop lights that I might be able to use for my photography. I know they might be really really bright but maybe we can make it work. I cannot wait till Sunday when My mom and I will be going to a flee market. There will be more to come next. Did everyone have a good week? I hope so. Till next week. 

*Recipes This Week*
-French Bread Pizza
-Homemade Pizza