A New Year with New Resolutions

2012. Really? I cannot believe that its a new year already. Where did the past year go? Well to start off the new year I have made some resolutions sort of. Maybe just a to do list of things that I want to do or accomplish. 
  1. Improve on my photography skills
  2. Improve on my cooking skills
  3. Walk the dogs at least 3-4 days a week
  4. De-clutter my WHOLE house
  5. Eat healthier (Sort of)
  6. Work in my garden more
  7. Help my Hubby start his company (Big Poz Customs)
  8. Not to be lazy
  9. Be more organized within my life
  10. Have a routine (Strange I know but I think I need it)
  11. Take mini trips with Hubby
  12. Eat at restaurants (Don't get out that much)
  13. Save money
Well that is all that I can think of for now. I know I will have a ton more but this is a good start. I will have to check back in a year and see how many I have actually completed. 

Shooter and Hank have been playing together a ton since they have been back. It is nice to see. I always thought Shooter did not like Hank but I think he is growing on him. Shooter is now even playing with toys again! Yeah. It's the funniest thing to see both of them running around the house chasing each other. Then after about 3-5 minutes they are spent. They lay on the floor staring at each other since one of them has the toy that the other wants to play with. It makes Jon and I laugh every time.

I started to de-clutter my house. In one week I have cleaned the whole downstairs. Next is going up stairs. I really do not look forward to cleaning up there but it has to be done. Ugh... I was shocked on all the items that were downstairs that did not belong. Then I put it upstairs but just anywhere. So that will be a struggle when I get there to de-clutter.Hope everyone had a great weekend like we did. Did you do anything fun or exciting? Till next week...

*Recipes This Week*
Beer Braised Chicken