A Successful Week

Another week has come and gone. Last Sunday we headed to Menard's to look at some heaters for the garage. We ended up getting a pretty nice one which luckily we had a gift card to use there since we are trying to save money this year. (Number 13 on my list.) It's been a busy week at our house. I have still been de-cluttering the house. I ended up dropping a ton of items off at Goodwill. It felt good to give back to people that could use those items more than me. I used to just throw everything away but now that I have been going to Goodwill and see all the neat things that I have found there that there is always someone who could use those things. I dropped off a ton of books that have been siting on my bookshelf for three years. I think it was time to get rid of them.

I did clean out my second bedroom again. I was able to re-organize everything and re-arrange the furniture as well to give me some extra room for my photo studio. I still dread working in the bathroom and the office. I did clean somethings but this week is the week to go through those areas... Glad I have a four day weekend ahead to get through all of those things...

We finally got our first snow fall of the year. I believe we got maybe four inches of snow. It has mostly melted again but there are still signs of snow since certain areas. Jon and I have been doing pretty well with having a schedule at home. We have stopped watching TV while we eat and started to eat at the dining room table again. It is nice just to get away from the TV and interact with each other. We also, started to go to bed earlier. well not really that earlier but an hour earlier and we end up watching TV in bed for a hour and then lights out.

Jon has been busy in the garage this week getting their latest bike ready for his brother to work on. It is neat to see the beginning of what the bike looks like to the finish. They do a great job. They are all very talented. I have been working on their website again but it still needs more. I have been making a to do list of all the things that need to be done. Just waiting to have this company a company. Just do not know where to start. So much paperwork etc.

I finally broke down and ordered my FIRST reflector kit for my photography. I was using a pad of watercolor paper to bounce the light off. I was also using some extra fabric that I have that was hanging from my binds to have it diffuse the natural light. Very ghetto but it worked. I wanted to make sure that I got everything down before actually spending the money. My next buy is going to be a fixed lens to help out with my food shots. I also want to make some different backgrounds, props, table textures etc. But that will come with time. Maybe the props will be the next thing. I will have go and check out Goodwill and see what they have that I could use for my food photography.

What props, extras do you use in your photos? Anything else that I should look into? Would love to hear your thoughts. But till next week. Hope everyone had a great week!

*Recipes This Week*
(I could ended up not using enough flour, so they did not turn out.)
Gwumpkies With Pierogies
Baked Chicken with Steamed Broccoli and Ravioli
Egg and Cheese Sandwich