Great Finds

Hey there! It's been a crazy busy week. It was nice to just relax last weekend. Well I did Jon was busy in the garage and practicing in the back yard with his bow. I was a busy busy chef in the kitchen. Jon and I snacked all day on appetizers. We watched the Superbowl as well. I was so busy in the kitchen making a taco dip that I missed all the commercials. Well everyone up until half-time. Oh well at least there is the internet to watch them if needed. 

Over this weekend I headed over to Goodwill and Pier 1 Imports. I needed to find some other bowls, dishes, any utensils that I could use for my food photography. I think this week I hit the jackpot! I cannot wait to start using them in some of my photos this week. I can finally say that I have one photo in foodgawker! Check out my entry here... No-Bake Chocolate Chip Granola Bars. Yeah for me!!!! I did enter a couple more that I had from last week but they got turned done. Well I really need to re-crop them and I believe those too will make it in there. In about one day I had over 2,000 hits on my blog. I could not believe it. I guess this is a perfect place for me to get my food photography out there. 

I am really enjoying scheduling my posts for each day. It takes a ton off my shoulders during the week. I can also get some house chores done during the week instead of doing them all on Saturday. I cannot wait until Sunday to watch the new season of Worst Cook's in America. Last year it was my favorite show well anything that has to do with cooking is my favorite show. What plans do you have this weekend? Anything good? Well time to get up and do something now till next week....