A Lazy Week

This week I was pretty lazy. I did not cook every night like I usually do. Not sure what was with me but I just did not feel like cooking. I think that I needed a break or I was just not too excited of what I had planned for the week.  I was pretty much was only thinking about working out. I got into a funk and wanted to try out yoga and pilates. I really enjoyed the pilates, the yoga on the other hand was pretty hard. I had a video that I got from work for yoga and the instructor was super hard. I think that I will have to take it 20 minutes at a time with the video and work myself up to finish the whole video. 

Over the weekend Jon's brother and girlfriend came down to work on the bike. His girlfriend and I ran around doing errands and checking out GoodWill. We found some neat things there. She is also starting to collect some props like I for her photography. I cannot wait to see what she does with her new finds. We also made a test run of a t-shirt for the boys of their company. We had been looking for prices all around town for silk-screening. We found out for all the colors that we wanted to use (not shown in photo) that it would cost about $50 per screen also not counting what the shirts would cost. So we wanted to actually see what it would look like on a t-shirt so we made one. I think they turned out pretty nice. This was the back side of one of the designs that we were thinking. We still have to find some other places to make some shirts for us at a cheap price. 

Well time to watch Alaska State Troopers. Jon's choice not mine. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I cannot wait to tell you about my adventure that Jon and I had on Sunday. Till next week...