Getting Back on Track

SPRING IS HERE!!!! I am so excited that spring is here. All the plants are starting to emerge out of the ground. This is my favorite part of any of the seasons well I take that back. Fall is another one of my favorites. I have been busy in the yard getting everything ready and prepped. I cannot believe that I let my yard just go last year… I had no choice since I was in a cast for most of the summer. Oh well. I am back in it and will get my yard back in shape. I started most of my seedlings for our garden this year. This year we went pretty simple, Roma Tomatoes, Peppers and Hot Peppers. I also started this year to try herbs. I have tried them in previous years in the house but they never even grew. So I am hoping that having them outside it show help them grow.

This past weekend I was in the yard for the whole weekend. I think maybe a total of 12+ hours. My hands hurt from pulling weeds and cleaning up my backyard beds. Jon was busy in the garage working on a bike and getting it back together to sell. I cannot wait to see the final outcome. I think all the time that he has spent in the garage working hard on making a name for him and his brother it is all paying off. They are surpassing anything that I knew that they were capable of. They are like artist working on metal. Way to go Honey!!!!
This month marks a new beginning for me and my Art Work. I am going to have some of my art work at a local coffee shop in Chicago. My friend had the idea that I could put my work up at a coffee shop that she knew. I am so excited to have my work up along hers and another friends work. Hopefully this month we will be able to get down there and see it. I am nervous and excited at the same time. I had gone to school for photography but always had never liked being critiqued. I had then graduated feeling like photography was just a hobby for me. Then a year or two ago I started to take food photography. I taught myself how to get beautiful and mouth watering photos. My photos still need work but I am very proud of myself for coming this far. YEAH for me! Thanks everyone for your support. It is really appreciated.

Jon and I have noticed that Hank has been licking his paws a ton over the last couple weeks. We thought that it was just allergies but Jon showed me what exactly what Hank has been licking…. He has a sore on his pad. Poor pup. We did not ever know anything was wrong with him except he was licking his paws. I feel horrible for him. Each day I would come home to pillows soaked/ coach cushions soaked and even bed sheets soaked just from him trying to help heal his little foot. Sorry Hank for not catching this earlier. At least it is healing and is almost gone but I feel bad for my little guy…

Jon and I have been recently going out on date nights. It has been nice to get out of the house and actually do things together. We hardly did that last year and I think it was about time for us to spend some time together again. We recently went to a Shooter Jennings concert last week. It was great and fun. 

Well until next week…