A New Closet

This weekend I finally went through my closet. I had most of my clothes on the floor and in a laundry basket. My dresser drawers finally gave up. The two middle drawers broke and would not fit anymore. I have had this dresser since I still lived at my parents house. So for a long time. I was sad to give it up but I needed to move on. Jon had told me to look at Craigslist for a new one. I found one that I really liked but was an hour away and it was a little too much for what I was looking for. So I gave up and thought that maybe I could get away with not having one. I think that it works. Just need a couple of baskets or bins for some extra shirts.

It was nice to have Jon home on a Saturday even though he was busy in the garage while I was working on my closet. Most Saturdays Jon does not get home until 4:30. It was good just to have him around the house. He finished up some odds and ends on the bike like at midnight. But glad he was able to figure out what the issue was with the bike since the next day we were having a photo shoot. I was the one who actually was able to do this shoot since the guy we normally use was out of town and it was last minute. I was super nervous but I think I did a pretty good job. Here is a sneak peak of one of the shots that I did. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Till next week...