May 17, 2012

Rockcut State Park 2012

Jon and I went on a little mini vacation with the boys this week. We went to Rockcut State Park near Rockford. We have been there before with other friends but this time was the first time that Jon and I had been there just the two of us. It was great. Tons of fishing and memorable moments with my boys. We went a day earlier than we thought and it worked out perfect. We had issues with out air mattress since there a was leak in it but we managed. We caught our first catfish that we have ever caught and kept. We ended up frying it the next night for dinner... It was soooooo good. I also (while Jon was away) got a bass that I was able to take off the hook and everything... I was so scared and happy at the same time. I was shaking... Over all it was a great little get away that we needed. Till the next time we go to Rockcut, thank you for the memories...

New Microwave!

Well I have not posted in awhile. Jon and I have been sick for the last two weeks with a cold. We are finally over it which is good. We had a great Mother's Day early with Jon's Mom and then last week with my Mom. We ended up getting a NEW MICROWAVE from Jon's Mom for our Anniversary. We have not had a microwave for about 2 years or more. Ours had started smoking at the plug a year after moving into our house. It is nice to have just to heat things up. I was so upset when we had to put our old microwave at the curb and a scrapper took it with them. They ended up coming back the next week asking us what was wrong with it since it looked too nice to scrap and his wife liked it. So hopefully it has a new home but I do miss it.... Jon and I also started to brew our own beer. It is now fermenting in the closet. So we shall see how well this turns out. Jon and I went to Rockcut State Park for a little mini vacation. More photos to come soon. Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! Till next week!