New Toys

Jon and I have been busy around the house and in the garage. I have been trying to work on my car while Jon is busy working on the bikes. It has been so hot here the last couple of weeks that I do not want to do anything but sit in front of the TV and do nothing. Well that is what I have done while trying to keep somewhat busy cleaning the house. For the last couple of weeks our neighbors son has been stopping by our house. He's a cute kid and he loves to ask Jon and I questions. Recently He wanted his bike to look like the yellow one above. So His Dad and Jon helped him out and put flames and a tach on his "motorcycle" I even made some homemade hand levers for his bike. He was so happy with the results. My veggies are coming in. YEAH!!!! But I did kill my Cilantro. Not sure what happened but basil and parsley are still hanging in there. Time to work on some of my food photos that I will post sometime this week or next. Till the next post.