Jase in his Thomas toy bin...

In my Thomas pjs...

Just doing a little shopping with my Target cart...

Train table

This is how you do it...

On papas shoulders

Turkey #1 completed... Onto the next!

This is what my floor looked like for the past week at work... Finally done with holiday comps!

Papa you cut my nail too short...

Cuddling with this guy

Happy birthday Dad!

Mom... Take these off please...

Someone is pooped from today's activities

Caged in since I hurt my other leg this morning... Poor Shooter

Father like son...

One happy pup!

Cutie alert with @cassandra_photo


Jase's Christmas tree

Putting the tree up...

Helping papa

It's a little warm with this hat on!

Holiday photos completed! Can't wait to see how they turned out! A big thanks to @cassandra_photo for taking our family photos!

Moving a safe... Thanks all who helped! @jenmlbk

Watching trains on the tv

Play with his Advent Calendar made by his great Dziadzia

Chopped top!

Train time!

Got my shoes!


A gift from my new boss... How sweet!

Good morning!

Ready for winter!

Freezer meals! Yum!

Someone was pretty upset once we got home...

It's a hank look a like


Jon and I

AK 2014

AK 2014

AK 2014

AK 2014

I love pillows

Someone's comfy...

There's a lion in my living room

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween lion!

Halloween pjs

Goodie bags for daycare!