January 6, 2014

Jase: 5 Months

  • How old is Jase?: 22 weeks
  • How big is Jase?: 18lbs
  • Stats: Size 3 diapers, 6-9 month clothes, 
  • Sleep: 10 - 11 hours
  • Milestones: Eating carrots in his cereal
  • Mom Check-In: Doing well. Finally getting into a routine here at home. Still getting up at the first cry but that's ok. Still having cuddle time with Jase
  • Best Moment of the week: Giggling... Love hearing his laugh... Also, learning/watching everything you do. He is processing it all... 
  • What I'm excited about/looking forward too: I cannot wait for the other veggies that we will be trying soon. Also, he seems to be getting stronger so I think he will be sitting on his own soon. :) Go Jase!