June 28, 2014

Pool time!

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June 25, 2014

Hang out around the coffee table....

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Mr. Fix It

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June 23, 2014

First produce of the year!

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June 21, 2014

Doing a little fishing before the storm

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Last nights stroll...

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Out for a stroll in the neighborhood

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Just playing in the garage

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June 20, 2014

Hank come and play....

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June 18, 2014

It's coming....

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June 17, 2014

Chow time!

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June 16, 2014

Ma... What can I get you? Relish? Bacon fat? Both?

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June 14, 2014

Oh just having a Popsicle...

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June 13, 2014

Life at the Cabin

Working in the yard

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June 12, 2014

Working on the Evinrude

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