There's a lion in my living room

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween lion!

Halloween pjs

Goodie bags for daycare!

Cuddle time!

Family photos!

Hear me roar!

Eating from the floor...

Loves Zou...

Cuddling with mama!

New plates!

Took a nasty fall tonight...

Watching American Horror Story...

Wedding time!

Passed out!

At the farm...

He's a lion!

Jase Coloring 10/15/14

Playing with chairs

Unhappy camper

Got my first bow!!!

I guess it's the dogs pillow now...

Happy birthday to me!

Best friends!

Someone is comfy...

From jase

Out to lunch with momma!

Working hard

Cuddling with the boys...

Philly cheesesteak rump roast

Cuddling with Thomas

Putting my car in the drawer