Loves cheese like his momma

Day 17 - 31

Today's page in my @thedaydesigner

Color time



Fist pumping with the kid at the table next to us

All watching "choo choo trains" on YouTube


Just holding my brother

My little helper

Happy national dog day!

Why are you in the basket?

Tried baby

What a great helper!

George sleeps like Jase did

All of them looking out the window

Embellishments are now organized



Day 9 - 16

He did it! Slept in his crib!

Perfect shirt for George!

Day 1 #weekinthelife

At the park

4am #aweekinthelife

Hairstyles by Jase

First backpack

Light reading after dinner

George Henry

Jase making himself at home

Sleepy George

Kisses to his brother

George Henry born 12:17

Only 1 bite from each apple slice please

Days 1-8

Loving this typewriter!

Putting my trains in my new carrying case

Birthday dessert at Chilis!

My workspace

Day 31

Day 29 & 30

Happy birthday Jase!!!!!

Jase's 2nd birthday party

So long July