Thank you @unclelucius for calming our babe...

Handing out candy!

There he goes

All aboard

Happy Halloween!


Well I think I broke my 4th toe...

Sleepy boys...

2015 daycare Halloween party

4 hours of roasting.

Making sauce

This years produce

At the park

Strong boy!


Enjoying his first magazine


Keeping Georgie happy

Pillows on the lap

Dr visit for Georges cough

Well that didn't last long

Star lights

Cleaning out the closet

Yay! My new leggings arrive!

Milkman at your service

Just pulling his weight

2 month appointment


Big stretch

Thomas hauling dog food...

Day 7 #daydesigner #theresetgirl #listersgottalist

Day 6

// outgoing

// Outgoing

Cuddles with Shooter

Lazy Saturday

All of us cuddling


This is how Hank sleeps

Listening to music to calm the babe

Shooters turn to watch George

On the hunt for mice

Unhappy camper on my hands

Choo choo

Day 5

Day 3 & 4

Day 2

Learning about arrows

Tired George