Bye bye couch

There's much room for activities now...


Cuddle time

Had a little too much fun tonight

Very busy boy

The boys didn't like bobo 😓

Silly family selfies

Then + now project life

Week 3 of project life

Old + New Prompt

Week 2

Week 1 of project life


Hello Hank

Loving the fish tank

Birthday dinner

Feeding Georgie

Oh shooter

Papa and jase

In papas hat

George enjoying the show

Jase rode thomas....

Oh Hank....

Hi Georgie!

Sweet dreams 💤

Morning breakfast

Brothers playing

Tummy time


Puzzles with auntie

Looking at kitties

Putting shelves in the office

New DIY Valentine's Day sign for the home

Trying a new grocery store

Melt down over boots

Happy 10th birthday Shooter!

I got it


Tummy time

Sharing thomas

Someone enjoying my cheese

Playing with his brother

Selfie time

Very busy

Making beer

Crazy boys

Time for a hair cut!

Trying cereal again... Not a fan

I see Georgie