Dakota and Ginger

Field #5

Field #5


Just cruising...

Egg completed

Decorating his egg

Old vs New

Must be the life...

Copying mama


Waiting on his brother to finish his haircut

Greek cookies in the morning is a must

Waiting for the dr

Just waiting for it to be our turn

Bedtime stories

Busy Georgie

Jase watching "Men, men, men"

Bath time

Jase being silly


Time for bed...


Cuddling with Hank

Making gf cookies

Happy Georgie

Old man shooter

Digging for dinos

Helping papa in the garage


Is it bedtime yet Georgie?

Loved getting his face tickled

Eye drops are next

Morning meds

Still fighting to go to sleep


Sick again... Poor jase

Choo choo

Working on 2014 & 2016 project life albums at the same time... #projectlife #craftthestory

This is the life

6 month appointment!

Hey there

Waiting to get taxes done

Waiting for my hot dog and fries

Back and forth, back and forth

Feeding time!

Thomas magazine came today

Filling out his valentines for his friends

At the vet...

Tired kid