Too much bouncing

Can't wait for next week's planning. New pens and highlighters #planneraddict #colorcrush #colorcrushplanner #plan2createinserts

Someone else loves this toy

Playing with the door

Made new planner stickers for next weeks spread

Someone colored on the wall...

Sit back and relax jase

Jase is watching Georgie

Drawing circles

Cleaning the tub

Playing with puzzles

He wanted to put candles on the cake...

Happy Easter

Dying eggs

Coloring eggs

Time to start planning next week

Looking for eggs

The boys helping find Easter eggs


Opening Easter eggs

Auntie and Georgie

Playing choo choos at Meme's

Easter at Meme's house

Mama I have a mustache

Cool dude


Brewer in the works

Eating cereal

Reading books

At the dentist

Fishies are learning the alphabet

Bed time stories

Bath time


More signs...coming soon

Working on some stuff for the Etsy shop

Here they come!

Feeding goats at the farm


Helping mama paint signs

Making gf brownies

Ma I'll be back in an hour...

Farm on the train table now

Home sweet home

Sign completed

Busy helping mama

Getting there

Block playing


Not happy