Helping make a quiche

Someone wanted a photo of his pjs

So happy!

So that's what I'm suppose to do....

At the park

Using shop rags like Kleenex

Hey Georgie

Cool dude

Going for more white space this week

My kiwi pocket arrived!

Time to make jello...

Those eyes

To mow or not...

"Mama I go outside...."

Set for you tube videos...

Playing with grandma

Up from his nap

Missing a kid... Didn't want to be in the photo

Having lunch

Chewing on the table


Replanned in my A5

New Kikki K is all set up

Bringing down the kitchen

Learning Spanish

Next weeks planned

Bubble time

Someone likes gacuamole

Baby piggies

My new friend

First fire of the year

Helping papa

Drawing eggs


Looking fresh...

Always fixing his car...

Out for dinner


Jase picked his pjs

Happy Georgie

Hank enjoying the yard

Cleaning his toys

Playing outside finally!

Feeding his brother

Where's Hank?

Big boy

Playing with trains

Such a beautiful display. I wanted to buy them ALL! Held back and got only 2. #terra_glass

Playing with Thomas

Pillow time