Spring family photos

Georgie helping

Pitting cherries

Ready to go!

Riding in brothers car

Fart on papa


Many drinks

Ring a round the Rosie

Relaxing in the backyard

Oh no...

Cool dude

Time to mow the grass

Hanging outside

Sun bathing

Crazy auntie came over

Great way to start the weekend with fever

Feeding the ducks

This kid loves corn!

Busy boy cleaning

17 x 4 in farmhouse sign $9.99

12 x 4 inch Bakery sign $9.99

Blowing in the wind

Freak out

I'm soooo hungry

Busy boy playing with all his Thomas'

Custom order almost complete! Such a cute retirement gift!

Very busy in the kitchen

Hand forged bottle opener

Crazy hair

Someone needs a bath

Homemade potato salad yum!

Finally ran by himself

Enjoying his new bottle

Sprinkler time

Um this should not be on the grass

Mini signs coming this week

And their off



Best photographer we know!


Ice cream

Hold still Georgie!

Less than thrilled

Shooter is this what we do in the grass?

What's this?

Shakin left overs

look what I found

Busy jase