Lemon garlic pork chops

Back and forth

Walking with the vacuum

Jase and I

Burned my toe on a hot coal from the grill

Stink face

Grilled Pork tenderloin with onions and peaches

Week 25

Week 24

Week 23

Week 22

Week 21

Everyone went in the pool today

Day 2 of the pool

Feeding the chickens, roasters and ducks

Again papa

Here comes the wave

Um when can I go in?

Hanks turn

Shooter in the pool

Pool time

Pool day!

Taking a short break from customs this weekend to start on items for the flea market in August.

Oh Georgie

Dinner time

Bye bye bushes

Can I come out and play?

Playing outside before the storm

Eye looks a bit better

Plays on the coach instead of the train table

Multi tasking

Bandaid time

Well someone is allergic just like his momma to mosquito bite...

Bye bye


Fire flies

The boys


Making smores


Trying ice cream


Chocolate mess



Mama and papa

Living the dream

The two babies

Ma I'm in a tree

Up in the air