Bye bye

Learning to drive before his 3

Busy busy boys

Watching shooter

Coloring in the car

Hanging out in the garage

Hair cut day!

Well this happened last night agh. Nail polish

Oh Georgie


Dinner time

Pulled the blocks down on himself

Why must they alway go where they shouldn't

These boys

Loves puzzles

Selfie time

Brothers playing together

Cheerios anyone

Breakfast for dinner

On and off my rid

At least someone was happy with me

At least someone was happy with me

Lunch today

Dinner last night

These boys have the life

This is how I spent my morning, potty training

Determined to get on his hog

Mating moths

Enjoying some goldfish


Just doing a little house cleaning

Loves playing with the dog bowl

I see you little birdie

There's a bird in the garage

Bed time stories

Last week in my happy planner - July 11-17

Going for a ride

Mama I smell them

Ice pops

For me right?

In uncles car

Beep beep beep

Train watching

Hi Georgie

Cuddle buddies

Chicken parm for dinner

Messy eater!

This ones on the move

Double rainbow after the storm

I'm going to push you