Had to start a good or bad chart for Jase

Jase: I don't want to watch the news

My helper

Playing in the camper

Making dinner

Running around

Best of buds

Checking things out

Georgie and I goofing off

Soaking wet and playing in the rain

Collecting rainwater

Fire pit


Let's do this...

Had a few hungry mice in the camper white in storage! grrr!

What! Some exciting things happening! Can't wait to share!

Loves his puzzles

First piece of furniture that we created for a customer! Turned out great!

Oh shooter

Always busy

Everyday wants to watch super buddies

This kid went around the whole block...

Loves his crackers!


Set of pumpkins complete! I'm in ❤️! Can't wait for fall to come.🍁🍂🍁

Wait for me

Just like his grandpa

Sleeping beauty

Busy busy boy

Mama cuddle with me

Someone enjoyed ice cream for the first time!

My boys ❤️

All set up! Come by and say hi! Open from 10-3! #scoutfleamarket

New sign for the booth!

Ma this is how to paint signs

Such a smarty! Turned one today and already putting his shoes on

My helper today

Little sampling for the show this week!

Happy earlier birthday Georgie!

In love with these! Back to school signs!

1st degree burn from the exhaust on the car... Just have to put cream on it until healed

Someone got too close to the exhaust on the car

At the dr but not for this one

Doing chores

Poor Georgie has a fever this morning...

Working on the motor

Jase at 1 and Georgie at 1

Batman jase

At his favorite place

Birthday ice cream