On the go

Papa talk about it

GF pizza tonight!

Watching tv

Ma is this how you wear glasses?

Oh Georgie

Being silly before bed time

Shooter baby

Loves men men men

Busy planning at the train table

Was learning to head bang

This is my kind of Sunday. Relaxing with my hanky.

They are both having a screaming contest...

Papa I see you

Look ma no hands

Sleepy boy

Busy seal coating signs

Lounging with Hank

Chillin with papa

This kid is in every place he shouldn't be

Being silly.

This kid was a trooper this weekend even though he was running a temp of 100+

Loving the Greek cookies just like his brother

Last week in my memory planner

Second half of last week in my memory planner.

Someone was excited to take a photo in front of a school bus!

Scary clown in the custom aisle

Oh Georgie.

Dr dr tell me the news....

Slowly getting back into scrap booking but doing a memory planner this time.

He was pretty proud of his mess

Georgie threw his fruit pouch everywhere! Time to clean up

Powers out. Had to give the boys bath by flashlight

A chef in the making


Cuddle time

Hugging Hank

On our way home

Headed to the car show in the monte!

Reveal time! We are in a store!!!!

Ready to go!

First fay of preschool. Didn't let me take a photo with his sign...

Made his pumpkin

Mama can I...

Guitar time

Bed time stories

Evening walk

Park time!

This one had a great time today.

Orientation day at Preschool!