Someone is pumped about the candy

Eye drops!

Our 2016 tree

Caught this one playing on the stairs last night

Train time

Testing out a new appliance

Placing the star on the tree

Georgie's turn

Placing more ornaments on the tree

Placed the first ornament on the tree and of course it was thomas.

Busy busy Georgie

Our 2016 Christmas Tree

This years tree is smaller... yay!

Christmas tree hunting

Throwing crackers

Super excited


Loving these new legging! #lularoeleggings #lularoe

Hey there... I'm not tired

Giving some love to Hank

Georgie's new hiding place

Tired boy

Tired shooter

Jase the turkey 🦃! Jase said at preschool it only took 5 mins to make a turkey...


Nap time in the car 🚗

Shooter sticking his tongue out. Silly puppy

Everyone relaxing

Shooter and Hank 2016

Good time to have pretzels

Someone thought this was a good idea yesterday

Donations day for the Pozniak's!

Love that my boys get to play with toys from when I grew up. 😊

This kid...

Just cuddling with his hanky

Jon cooking

Venison bone-in blade roast half way there... one more hour to go.

This is how you do it

Cuties sporting their new winter coats

This one has a bad dream last night

Baking cookies for our new cookie jar

Chocolate milk

Licking the apple 🍎

Tired Georgie - didn't want to nap this afternoon

All boys are occupied

Doubling up for nap time

Oh jase

More chips please

Georgie getting checked out

Someone got a doe this morning