Ice cream!

Someone loves the homemade applesauce

These two slept for 3 hrs this morning! Must have needed their sleep

Sleepy boys

Big boys at the table

And the after soooo much better

The "pill cabinet" needs organizing this is the before

And..... the pantry is completed

Georgie is ready to get started

Time to clean the pantry

Oh no thomas!

Crazy hair

So tired

Foot in oven check...

Fever time 🤒

Cookie time

CAUGHT! someone should be napping

Already a time out this morning

This one is more pumped about the slot cars than jase... 😊

Hanks tuckered out

Opening presents 🎁

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Georgie Santa came

'Twas the night before Christmas

Cookies and milk have been placed out for Santa. Jase wanted each cookie on a plate.

Picking the bus up with the new Crain

Hank giving Georgie the evil eye

This ones turn to not feel good


Ho ho ho

My cute little Elmo reindeer

Boys in their thomas pjs watching Christmas Vacation

Grandma sent me a photo of the sleeping beauties

Xmas with grandma

Georgie and the vacuum

Someone's not feeling well but he wants to vacuum...

Still Sick 😷

Result is in... We are having a GIRL!

Finally fell asleep

Loves to get into the bed of the truck

This one has a fever and missing his holiday program at preschool today.

Big toys from auntie and uncle

Christmas number 2 completed

Oh Georgie

Present time

Jase looking sharp

My helper this morning


Santa is coming

Zoned out.