Third bowl of cereal this morning

Color time... as you can see there is a trend with the belly shirts 😂

My helper until he took the toilet brush and used the water from the toilet to wash the floor.

Celebrating this guys birthday early. Happy birthday sweetheart!

Oh jase

Oh Georgie

Georgie just likes the tools

Did some play doh last night

Jase gets 1 show before dinner and he picks this Tayo the bus... all they say is Huh? Huh? Every other sentence

X2 for the melt downs!

Eating popcorn

Melt down

Time for bed...

Busy watching the Magic School Bus

Arts and culture arts time

Haircut day!

Building tracks

Boys being quite...

Silly faces

Coming along nicely

Reading together

Well that didn't last long...

At least this one isn't screaming and yelling at me yet...

Spa night haha!

Building puzzles

Birthday kisses!

This is a good idea

Happy 11th Birthday Shooter

Where's Georgie?

Helping make dinner in the instant pot

Just eating my snack

Last nights meal... lasagna bread

Both are having a melt down

Time for a movie! Toy story it is...

Second loaf almost completely gone

Lunch time

Busy cleaning... cleaned my closet, the boys room, their closet the bathroom closet and under the sink. All while bread is proofing in the IP.

Um are you going to share any of that homemade bread?

Cookie time