One cleans as one relaxes

Time to crash toys

Reading the paper just like papa

Silly boys

She's Alive!

Mr handsome

Tucked himself in

Learning how to dribble

Just helping papa with his new rockers for the monte

Poor Georgie bit his lip...

Back at All aboard diner...

This kid is moved by the Lincoln commercial.

Snap chat fun

Sometimes this belly comes in handy #34weeks

Someone learned how to use the firestick remote

Thomas on the stairs

Oh Georgie

Boys in blue

Homemade dog food.

Snack time

Motor time

Let's go outside

Someone stealing cookies

This is only half of the laundry that's clean. How do we have this much in a week or two?

My little artist

Cleaning the bathroom and thomas

Cleaning man

Dinner tonight

Cutting paper

This boy just loves to help

Busy boys...


Might be 11 years old but still has some spunk left

It's taco night.... mama high five

So happy at the all aboard diner


So tired from the flea market

Saxophone time

Pointed at the train every time it went by

All aboard diner

Ma can we have one? @scoutfleamarket @motherwilma

Coloring rocks and making friendship bracelets @scoutfleamarket @studio2.morrisil

Boys love their balloons

Play time at Quest

Poor baby had blood drawn for allergy tests. Fingers crossed he not allergic to the dogs...

Someone thinks this is his


Things are getting real over here

Boys putting the swing together

Georgie's ready