Trying out a new toy

Catching some rays

Georgie didn't want to share his blanket for the photo shoot haha

Now she has both brothers looking over her

Jase is on baby watch this morning

I'm feeling very grey tonight - ha we are twins

Evening chats with Madeline

Oh Georgie.... cheese doesn't go on salad spinners

Super happy aunties here


Big hugs

Loves to sleep

Day 1 at home

Snug as a bug

Georgie stealing Madeline's bottle

Jase and Madeline

Georgie and Madeline

Proud big brother

Watching tv

Georgie feeding his baby

The boys meeting Madeline

One proud papa

How sweet they are when they sleep

Tired baby

She's here and we are so in love! Madeline Marie 8lbs 3oz 19.5IN

Still waiting...

Trying to find that perfect train

Building tracks

New fender

Super pumped


Garlic butter dinner rolls

Helping water the plants

Big Georgie!

First time at a bounce house!

Cuddling with papa

Jase picked the card... I guess we need to read them before we go to a kids birthday party...

Georgie your are coming along

Looking good jase

Painting earths

Let's see if this does anything

More chickens

For grandpa George


Someone fits into Georgie's pants...

*knock knock* maintenance

First job in the fish dept at petco


This is a good idea

38+2 weeks pregnant... hoping next for next week. Things are starting to move along 3cm already!