No need to cry over spilt milk... except when Georgie spills/dumps it on you...

It's been a long day

Madeline's 1 month appointment

Hey pretty girl

Petting lassie

It's a chip kind of day

Steak sammies for dinner tonight

Cool dudes in their new Dixxon Flannels

Just towing my big wheel

One smart cookie


Jase fishing

Sidewalk painting

Lazy day

Last nights firework show from our street

Head itches

Playing outside

Blue eyes

Loves her shelf

Just enjoying the weather outside

Bread is completed! Yum!

It's bread day again.

Pretty girl in her dress

Guard dogs

Just missing a fire... should have pick up wood

Lighting the tiki beer torches

Relaxing on the patio

Going for her first ride in the Monte

Movie night at the Poz house

It is super quite in the house... all are asleep 😴


Just like her older brother Georgie... love Uncle Lucius #unclelucius

Busy making bottles

When you internet goes out and can't get up to restart it, you play with Snapchat

My favorite time came early today

How quickly things can turn south...

Homemade chalk

Making cupcakes

4 weeks old today

Duh-da-go Georgie running

Doing his daily chores

Cooking for baby sister

Georgie helping papa

Making sandwiches for dinner with our homemade bread

Just sleeping away

Fresh baked bread

Holding his sister

Boys cooking tonight

Love my cuddle time with this one during the boys nap time