2 month check up and she's perfect

Pizza dough proofing for tomorrow's dinner!

Our new garage cat... lol

Watching Boss Baby

Chilling with hiccups

Milk, goldfish and airing out his leg

Loves pillows

Big boy starting to put weight on his walking boot

Poor Honey was locked in our garage last night

Watching toy story

Silly Georgie

Reading ads at dinner

There he is

Where's Georgie


Jase and Madeline

Happy 2 months Madeline!


It's the small things that make him happy

Georgie george

Just hangs no with sister

Boots and cast

My view

OJ time


Watching tv


Go Georgie

Going fast

Moving everything out of the garage to find a flashlight

Tiny toes


Pizza done

Georgie's bed head

Rolling dough

We have strawberries 🍓

Super pumped

First crop of the year

Waiting for Georgie to wake

She's fighting it... missed capturing it

So tired

Just building away

Train table



No mama

So tired

Never letting go of the remote

This kid adjusting to his new boot. Had bit of a rough night sleeping hopefully tonight is better

Georgie and his walking boot