Tummy time

Well she's awake

Someone decided they wanted to sleep on their side

Missed my babes this weekend

Amazing tacos from last nights dinner date.

Cabbage is almost done!

Picking tomatoes

My helper

Jase trying to catch the butterfly


Now playing with a tractor... Georgie thought she needed it

Smile... and this is what I got

I'm 3 months today!!!

Boys cleaning

Wanted to be like jase

Very busy

Someone's very tired

Someone has a bow in their hair

Shopping at the updated Aldi by my house!!!

Me the bunny


My leopard

I think this kid is out growing naps... 😒 no break for me

And we have a roller

Not impressed

Using my legs as a ramp

Hey pretty girl

This one has been a hot mess all day. Must have over did it this weekend

Oh Georgie

Oh how our garden grows

Where's Madeline?

This was hiding in the garden

Your hair is changing color pretty girl

Just watching Orange is the New Black lol

How sweet Georgie is

Someone is boot free!!!!


Pretty girl

2 month PP. things are still not all back in place but I keep reminding myself in due time. I will not bounce back right away and that things take time. Proud so far. 😊

So many trains

Just practicing sitting in my chair

Cuddling with Madeline

Finally get to play outside again

All in one spot of the couch watching Madeline the movie

On the move

Sharing popsicles

Waiting for papa


Outfit change

Baby blue