Let's go boys

Boys turn! Jase is 47lbs and Georgie is 33.5lbs big boys!

Oh Georgie

Cutting some fruit

Pretzel/peanut butter life

4 month appointment! 15lbs 24inches

Just cutting away like big brother

Hyena and hank

Georgie what are you doing back there?

Georgie what are you doing back there?

Hard core chewing

Hi there


Just rolling around

Just cutting paper

Very busy

These two

Homemade croutons from homemade bread are addicting

Just rolling around

A colorful mess

Filling up the water table

Morning sunshine

Hey what ya doing

Helper #2

Helper #1

He's ready but needs a smaller helmet

Had a b17 flying over our house

Pretty girl with a bow in her hair

Oh jase

Someone missed their nap


Our last zucchini for the season

Good place for trucks

Boys coloring

This is what happens when you fill your jar too much 😢

Instant pot cooking tonight!

Busy working in our workbooks

Someone found her toes

Just swinging

At the park

Inside freezer organized ✔️

Didn't learn from the last time...

It's finished! I cannot wait to dig into this for dinner tonight!!!!

Dough issues

Thomas is going to need a train wash

Our bunny crayons

Loves her puppy

Just watching her brothers

They are so happy to play with the water

Water time