These two! ❤️

Big girl

Always grabbing my phone

This one being silly

Poor pups having been feeling well

Scratcher of fabric and Roly-poly

Cereal in the hair

5 months old already?!?!

These boys and the swings

Day 2 at the park hopping to Tucker then out so they take a nap this afternoon



Fall leaves project

Big girl holding her bottle

Round 2 of the park

He made it

Going down the big slide

Pretty girl at the park

Oh hey there papa.

Silly kids

Bathroom selfies

Work from the other day

Wasn’t happy that I took the photo. He said I wasn’t listening...

All tuckered out

Birds, birds, birds


Massive cleaning under way



Oh my

Puzzle time

Helping papa build a house for his trains

They thought it was bath time



Hey girl

Papa grilling

Hey pretty girl

Water table time

Custom bridges and garages from pallet wood for Thomas

Just hanging out

Eating bubbles

Just eating cereal Madeline

What are you doing Georgie

Journal doodles

Enjoying the outdoors for a bit

This bread is addicting! Made 2 more loafs

Best day ever


This one thought it was a good idea to eat paper... then threw it up. I had a hard time not puking myself. Oh Georgie