Hanky’s pound puppy

So happy

Going through the candy

Madeline in hiding

Trick or treat 2017

Ma lets go

Let’s go!

Ready to go

What are you wearing

Little pumpkin

So cute

Peek a boo

Jase and Brady at school

My little reindeer

Hey there

Georgie and I

Cat boy at school today

Outfit on point today lol

These cuties

And the bread is completed

Making homemade ramen noodle for dinner tonight

Banana bread ✔️

Pizza dough for movie night on Friday ✔️

Saturday white bread in the works

Oh princess

Finish product.

Grilled Chicken ranch wraps for lunch


Busy carving

Madeline licked hers the whole time



Painting and craving pumpkins

Painting and craving pumpkins

Getting ready

Jase’s Sign

Georgie’s Sign

Her eyes!

Oh Madeline

Boys working on some signs for their rooms

Making some soup bases today

Madeline how did you get all the way over there

Watching Monsters inc in his costume

Shake shake shake

Yay catboy #2 is in the House

Things you have to do to get a quarter out of your wallet to shop at Aldi

Hey girl on all fours

So thirsty

Just working on the farm

6month Appointment 17lbs but feels like 20. Lol