Wild swans in one of our ponds

Made a parking garage

Busy boys

Someone thinks this is a good idea

I see you

Second round of the flu shot

He loves her

Busy busy

Toy rotations are the best

Playing with papa

Snuggled in mamas blanket

Got my toes

Pretty girl in mamas hat

Helping papa check lights

Not sure which one to choose

Bow fail

Pretty girl

Busy working

Just working in the yard

He melts my heart

Jades turkey with 3 eyes

So proud of his turkey 🦃

Pine cone turkeys!

So happy

This one is even getting into Blippi

The love of Blippi

Someone is going to get into an accident

Busy coloring

Showing her how it works

These kids

Jase and Brady with their Turkey hats at school

Apple please

Homemade Garlic bread for last nights dinner

We have a couch boys

Chewing tires

Jase coloring a reindeer

Project time

Madeline with papa

Completed cars

Jase’s Car

Made a car yesterday

How we go through storms

So tired

Someone being silly

Lunch time

Teaching sister

Doing some building

Just doing some light reading

I’m working on ornaments and the boys are playing

She was falling asleep