So happy

I’m stuffed and ready for bed lol.

Everyone is getting ready

New fish tank!!! 🐠 🐡🐟

Bye bye tree

Busy morning running errands

This cutie got his haircut today

Frying with lard tonight

Whole wheat bread is a completely different animal

Whole wheat loaf completed!

Just coloring

Just about ready for the oven!

Ham and cheese pizza

“White” pizza

Who could have guessed... it was the year of Madeline!

Playing bug jenga

Oh how he loves her

Just cooking ma

Normally I hate tomato soup but this was really good

Just folding some clothes

Just playing drums

Dinner tonight!

Madeline where are your feet?

Don’t take away her carrots otherwise complete meltdown

Madeline playing with the Christmas tree

Sleeping babes

Loaf 1 completed

Bread is proofing!

Now onto the Lincoln logs

Using their activity bins from Grandma

Homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch.

Pj masks pj masks

Showing sister his toy

Puzzle time

Georgie took his time with unwrapping each present

Pretty girl opening presents

Ripping faster than he knows how to

Stocking time

Ripping faster than he knows how to

Stocking time

Santa came!!!!

Last night before Santa comes!

Pretty girl fast asleep

Merry Christmas from the Pozniak’s

Christmas with Grandma

So tired 💤

Poor baby runny nose and not feeling well

My beautiful baby.

Appetizer completed for our Christmas party today!

Madeline climbing on Georgie