Trying new nuks

More interested in the baby monitor

Oh Shooter... well fed after his meal

Someone picked a LONG book

Night time story

Everyone’s crawling

Oh Shooter so tired

Eating some peas

Target carts make you lean

Homemade perogies, polish sausage and Brussel sprouts yum yum...

Mixing colors

Homemade perogies

I see you Georgie

Hanging onto her brothers coats

Playing at menards

A bit messy but so worth it

All so busy

Cooking lasagna in 20mins in my IP!

Homemade lasagna noodles

It’s bread day!!

Just looking outside

Big girl in a cart


So tired

Someone doesn’t think they need a nap

Playing or fighting?!?!

She wanted some chocolate so I gave her a taste

Just hanging on

Georgie wasn’t impressed

Someone enjoyed it

Donut time

Just helping

Someone’s schedule is off this week.. growing baby

Blueberry muffins are in the oven

Cooking session with the kids

His painting


My kitchen has begun to be a drying rack

Art projects

Tired hanky

Just relaxing 😎

My helper

Still going argh!!!

My puzzle master

Throwing puzzles

Oh Georgie

BAGELS - Everything and cinnamon/sugar

She thinks she cute pulling all the diapers out

Big girl eating a cheese stick by herself

All the guys doing models