Always near

So tired

Trying the walker again but I honk she’s too tall for it already

I think they were a success

Wonton taco cups

Outdoor playtime finally

My mini me...

Just watching her brothers play outside

Train time

Went to @mamatriedshow in WI today. Day date

Dinner is served

Egg rolls!!!


Won ton chips

Egg rolls

Homemade bagel sandwich for lunch

Just helping with laundry

Someone has 2 teeth on the top coming in...

Double fisting

Someone’s ready for lunch

Making a Home Depot run

Why is this a good idea

Stacking blocks with brother

It’s ready for French toast tonight


Too many cars and trains

Don’t mind if I do...

Cuddling with the boys

Taking out all the books. She thinks it’s funny

His is the dreaded puzzle every morning

This is how we play...

Flour for the month!

Went to look at a house today why is it they always look better in photos...

Playing together this morning

Super tired from lunch bunch

So happy

Not happy...

Boys building our next house

Stacking blocks

This happens like 3x’s a day for Georgie

Just wants to be like the boys

She’s so busy when the boys are sleeping

They were all digging in this bin

Busy eating puffs

Oh Georgie

Building a massive track

Corn bread complete

Cast iron cornbread...

IP chili is ready

Venison chili tonight