Someone doesn’t know how to drink juice...

Not happy at her 1 year checked up. 22.1lbs and 31in tall.

Someone wearing a dress

Sharing with shooter

Nothing like finding an old bottle on your car

Good place to take a nap

Busy with her doll house

So busy this morning

Playing with her new toys

She loved her cupcakes

Someone just wanted the candle

It’s starting to come together

Getting her rest in for today’s big event

Homemade baked beans

Ready to party

Just helping clean the window

I have a new friend

Playing with some new toys

Cake done!

Cutie pie

Starting on her cake

Both Enjoying pez

Decorations coming along

Pretty girl!

Cupcakes done

Birthday girl! She’s in my old coat from when I was little

Early morning squirrel hunt...

Obsessed with our new bowls from @target

Making her cake tomorrow for her party!

Someone has already unplugged the fish tank once today

Cuddling with her flipazoo...

Playing dr but with a saw... this might hurt

Cupcake making...

We had visitors...

Just driving not really waiting on jase

Two more days!!!

And out

I think someone else is tried

So tired from our walk

Didn’t even make it to dinner

They love her

Strike a pose

Just playing outside

Playing with brother

Climbed up there all by herself

Jon went through and cleaned all the windows then a bird pooped on them.

These cuties

Cleaning and playing

Playing outside

Pretending to go from home to work and back...