Someone has a scraped knee from falling over a log in the backyard

I leave the room for 5 mins and this is what happens

Sharing goldfish

Track building


Yep 120 in our backyard!!!


Chilling at the lake

Working on the letter A this morning

They are starting

Oven grilled cheeses for the win! #grilledcheese

My little band

Prepping our grocery list for the week

Be careful where you step

Breakfast! @skinnytaste #skinnytaste

Double Nuks today

My stovetop grates are finally cleaned!

Dinner tonight!!! Grilled skirt steak!

Cleaning up the pool

Falling asleep by papa

Little playing before lunchtime

Just trying to climb out of my cozy coupe

Just got my bubble sticks

Filling up the pool

Beautiful flowers from the family

Poor baby running a fever

Here he comes kindergarten!!!

Dinners in the oven! @skinnytaste

All three watching the landscaper mow the backyard

He did it! Next up kindergarten class of 2031

Jase and his best friend Brady

Jase graduated from Preschool today

Cuddling with Oooowo

Teacher gifts done!

And new toy for our signs!

Vegetables are in

Herbs are in

Plant I planted earlier in the week

Front door coming along

Now his turn

Scratching my back

Cup time

New toy!

And where has it chosen today on the garage thing... argh

This bird has been trying everyday to make a nest in our garage...

Now this ones sick... I’m not sure how much more I can handle!!! Lol.

Jase playing at the water table

She’s so busy today

Lawn is cut now time play in the water!

Watching the landscaper