CHICKEN BACON TACO STUFFED TATERS #theskinnyishdish @theskinnyishdish

His “pillow”

Sporting his new shoes and #johnnycash T-shirt

Zucchini-pepperoni pizza bites #weightwatchers

Watering with the watering can be made at summer camp

Made some AMAZING tacos tonight!!!! #weightwatchers #theskinnyishdish

Sloppy joes with 2-ingredient dough as the biscuit... #weightwatchers #skinnytaste


Waiting to see Thomas!

Boys being silly

This kid....

Family time

Everyone looking at the rain coming down

She’s soooo tired

Oh girly

Haircut day

First dentist appointment and he did so well!!!

Time with grandma! @jeanneszewczyk

She loves to climb on me

Our new way of eating

Cuddle time with papa!

Jon’s getting in on the action of legos now...

Georgie’s house

Busy morning with LEGO’s

So excited about the “water-mountain”

Just having breakfast in the corner

Breakfast... #weightwatchers

Auntie Jenna’s Car... @marceline05

She’s crying

He’s vacuuming...

Lunch served! #weightwatchers #theskinnyishdish

I cannot wait to try these bagel dogs! #skinnytaste

Using my leftovers from last night and making them into something else #skinnytaste

Guys let me know if you try this pasta salad. It’s sooo good. #theskinnyishdish @theskinnyishdish

Finally got the other 2 lights up.

Silly Georgie

Big girl...

Jase and I

Oh pretty

Another family photo...

Getting ready

Happy fourth from our family to yours!!!

Just reading

Almost can have a ponytail...

Human table I guess

Just playing outside

Track inside of another track

Happy girl

Everyone cooperating so well this morning...

We'll this is an interesting way of having your nuk...