So happy

These boys...

Argh the best we can do for Madeline

Fighting who gets in first...

Georgie In the cop car

Jase turning the cop lights on

Now I’m tired

Hey mom look at my new trick

Party time!

Preschool Halloween party


Sleeping beauty over here

Classic Georgie

So tired this morning

Early morning practice sheets

Blippi for Preschool today

Well he’s as tall as the fence on the patio...#treeingwalkercoonhound #coonhound

Hank cuddling with some trains

We had a successful first day/night. #coonhound

Hanging with the kids

Playing with Jase

As is hank. Sooo tired #beagle

Such a big day for Waylon #coonhound #treeingwalkercoonhound

Both pups had a nice walk this evening and I’m sweating... #coonhound #beagle

All tuckered out. #coonhound

Cuddle time #coonhound #beagle

Newest member of our family!!! Meet Waylon! #coonhound

Some of our pumpkins

Down for the count

Silly boys

Somewhat got all three

Oh girly

Georgie on the hay wagon

Jase on the hay wagon


Mama I promise not to make a mess with the flour...

Choosing what their teacher is going to be for Halloween

Always on the train table

Oh Georgie

Not sure why all my kitchen gadgets end up as toys...

Bagel day!!!

Georgie’s class got to see a fire truck on Tuesday

Jase going as Catboy again this year...

Can anyone guess what Madeline is going to be??

Can you guess who’s going to be Blippi for Halloween???

Sitting with Dracula at lunch today

Coloring away

It’s been a rough week for me... lol